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There was a fleeting tropical breeze that passed through New York this August, projecting a loop of short films by artists including Barron ShererKenya (Robinson)Anti_cgiAhol Sniffs Glue, and Filio Galvez, among many others. In front of the projector, Bobby FlanRoy Neil Hunter and Niko Ven Egten played deep electronic and ambient sets that paired with the looping films. At 1am it started kicking when drummers Chloe Saavedra (Chaos Chaos) and Kiran Gandhi (M.I.A.) paired up and started performing freestyle sets in conjunction with making everyone that was sitting watching the films get up and dance. Miami based artist, Jessica Martin sat down and talked to us about some projects she’s been working on, and how this all came together.


Jessica Martin relaxing before the opening of Bauns

How did the idea to put this together come about?

I used to share a collective studio space and we would always come up with these strange impromptu parties. Everyone would bring something down from their studios and play music or start making music from any objects that might have been around, it was always a jam. One time I walked in and everyone was with these long tubular lights, dancing and jump roping in a line of 10, all synced to the music. It was a really special time, having that space, and there were many of those moments that wanted to recreate in other ways. I started coming up with this idea, and began asking friends for film footage or videos based on theme of movement: some of them were 10 minute films, some were video arrangement of existing footage that went along with the theme, and some were 3 second video clips. The idea was to set up a creative platform for these installations to come about. I had planned a trip to NY in August, and it seemed like right time to have this come together. So many great musicians that are dear friends were living in NY or happened to be in town that week and were all really down to be a part of it. No one had really any idea what it was going to be, but everyone seemed really open and happy to be in the mix and it all ended up coming together quite seamlessly.

 The artists who brought Bauns NYC to the rooftop. Photo: Nick McManus

The artists who brought Bauns NYC to the rooftop. Photo: Nick McManus

Where did the name come from?

It came from baunsu, the Japanese term for a spring.

You’re originally from Cuba, how was your childhood experience there?

I had a really vivid and active childhood, I loved it. I remember going through bicycle rides with my parents and singing the national anthem at the top of my lungs, or making paper boats and racing them when the rain would flood the streets. One of my favorite things ever as a kid was Coca Cola, my dad used to tell me that the gas sounds were kisses that he was sending me, I would get such a thrill every time I would pop the cans open.

What are your working on currently?

Mostly, reading. I got through flows of energy where I’m either really internal or really external. I had spent a lot of this year going dancing almost everyday. It was awesome! It somehow ended up becoming a part of my discipline; studio, dance, studio. It was a really healthy way to exert all of the energy I was feeling. Lately, I’ve been studying and back at school. I’ve been getting into color harmonies and exploring their interactions through paint. Also working on oblique shaped furniture that I’m really excited about.

What are some upcoming plans for Bauns, and how do you see your disciplines coming together for it?

There’s some coming projects in October, in collaboration with iii points as well as some things in the works for Basel, and possibly Berlin this summer. I’d really love to build and add pneumatic structures in the mix. There’s a great book on it that I’ve been reading lately; it’s all about the formation of these structures from compressed air. I think they’d be really fun to create and consider how sound is amplified within them.

Have you done any projects with sound before?

A little bit, I built a harp starting college. I ended up being more interested in the soundboard than the strings, using it as a percussion instrument and amplifying it with a contact mic. I started a duo music project earlier this year with Deon rubi, neither of us have training in music, but it’s been one of the funnest things I’ve been working on lately.


Film Artists

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Ahol Sniffs Glue

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Barron Sherer

Kenya (Robinson)


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Video directed by Ashley G Garner