KCPK’s new video ‘Who Wants It’ directed by Nicolas Davenel is an exploration of innocence lost to ambition, by way of the seedy world of Russian gang life. The video production is on point, the narrative is compelling, and Nicolas Loir’s slick camera work brings us on a thrilling tour of an immersive world, punctuated by sex, drugs and violence.

“The video is an exploration of power and ambition through four generations, from the kids, to the top of the pyramid in a mobster world,” said Nicolas Davenel in a recent interview with DAZED. “We don’t know what is inside the package they are swapping, but it’s not really important. The handover of this package shows the possibility each character has to get into a superior circle and prove their worth, until they can dethrone the chief. A new circle implies a new stage of violence and sex, a squabble of kids who are left to their own devices. Finally, we face the death of a man, a passing childhood romance, and an illicit affair.

Producer : Iconoclast
Director of photography : Nicolas Loir
Producer : Elias Belkeddar
Film editor : Maxime Pozzi Garcia
Production director : Maxime Rivolet