The recent sculptures of Akio Takamori, on display at Barry Friedman LTD, are an interesting departure from the artist’s traditional aesthetic.  Gone but not forgotten is the emphasis on Japanese folk art and immediacy of the artist’s hand in the form. Instead, the pieces at Barry Friedman LTD embody a cleaner, more photorealistic high production. The palpable loneliness and comedic effects that sustain his figures remain intact in these new objects.

Three things to look for are:

The giant Buddha-man-baby with the golden skin (and penis,) laying in wait – perhaps for a diaper change? The squat, donut-grasping woman who practically dissolves into the intended background in true wallflower fashion. And the bleach blonde punk chick writing endearingly youthful angst poetry on her bare body with a sharpie marker.

Akio Takamori’s sculptures will be on exhibit until April 21 at Barry Friedman LTD 515 W 26TH Street NY, NY 10001