Allyson Anne Lamb is a New York City-based photographer and School of Visual Arts grad who uses her camera to investigate the sexier side of overconsumption. While some are content to gripe about the objectification of the female body by way of annoying tween pop stars and creepy old photographers, or our gluttonous dependency on gross fast food hamburgers, Lamb took the subject and ran with it, created a stunning yet slightly hilarious photo series.

“The portraits aim to address the actions society has taken to dehumanize the beast and oversexualize the human body to the point where we too have become dehumanized, and detached from our relationships with each other, animals, and our environment,” said Lamb. “In these portraits, they are intimately intertwined, mirroring the other. Shape and color become the composition, instead of the split of the two subjects.”

AAnne Lamb-52

Images from Beefcakes will be on display this weekend at Fuchs Projects Gallery during Bushwick Open Studios, Brooklyn NY May 30-June 1. She will also be exhibiting at Broadway Gallery at 473 Broadway, New York NY June 4-June 27.

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All images courtesy of Allyson Anne Lamb and Fuchs Projects Gallery