[Starred – Call From Paris directed by Grant Singer]

Bermuda Studios hosted its soft opening this week in Brooklyn, adding another “up and coming” tag to the Bushwick neighborhood. Intended for use by those who are either established or rising in the art scene, “the idea of the space,” co-founder Chris Puidokas says, “is to give an opportunity to people who might not have a thousand dollars a day to spend somewhere in Williamsburg or in the city. It’s kind of trying to…” he trails off, searching for the proper verb.

[Image by Cara Stricker, courtesy of Vice.com]

“Develop more of a high-art culture here in Bushwick?” I offer, looking around at the stunning pieces by Cara Stricker, Carly Rabalais, and Mitchell Mclennan, to name a few.

“Yeah I guess,” he answers, not accepting my snobbish pitch.  He and his business partner, Joseph Jagos are art fans above all, who just happen to have impeccable taste and connoisseur expertise (their Detroit roots are clearly not their only badass quality).

[Alexandra Tikerpuu shot by Mitchell Mclennan courtesy of MclennanPhoto.com.au]

“It’s kind of a unique situation,” he continues. “We’re really happy that we get to extend [the space] to all of our friends and we’re looking forward to see how it takes off.”

The opening displayed a minimal selection of their friends’ work, an impressive Rolodex for a Bushwick locale, but soon the space will be “built out into a full production studio,” Joseph tells us. “It just kind of came about.”

[Image by Carly Rabalais]

Chris brings a film and music background while Joseph is a painter and fine art curator.

Bermuda Studios offers 5,000 ft2 of production space, sound equipment and production assistance, gallery and workspace, and is available for private functions and events.  “At this point,” Joseph concludes, “as an artist you’ve got to do a bit of everything.”

Stayed tuned for the full open later this season.

Contact BermudaStudiosProjects@gmail.com for more information.

Images courtesy of , , and Bermuda Studios