Anyone with a solid eye and a bit of art history can curate a strong show, right? Think again. An art curator, like a fashion photographer, occupies one of those fields where a strong finished product can seem effortless. The reality is much different. Hours or weeks of preparation and research are necessary, and it takes a meticulous attention to detail to create an exhibition. And if you make an epic failure, you do so publicly—possibly in front of hundreds or even thousands of people.

Rebecca Wilson, a curatorial director at Saatchi, London since 2006, finds and promotes mid-career and unknown artists in the mediums of painting, mixed media, sculpture, and photography. When looking over her portfolio of contemporary finds, one gets the lingering feeling that each piece is just a little stronger than the last. This curator has built a career on discovering unknown luminaries.

Recently selected as one of Saatchi Gallery’s 100 Curators 100 days project, Wilson joined Saatchi after 14 years in the art publishing world and became a leader in transitioning fine art from the gallery wall into the digital realm. In 2007 she created New Sensations, an art prize for students to identify exciting emerging artists.

Below is a selection of pieces—a cross-section of emerging talent in the fields of painting and illustration. There are a hundred curators to follow in the 100 days series; to see this selection of art curators, click here.

"Arch Support" ©  Claire Desjardins

“Arch Support” © Claire Desjardins

"4444" ©  Leni Smoragdova

“4444” © Leni Smoragdova

"B & W" © Plácido Romero

“B & W” © Plácido Romero

"Le ciel peut (bien) attendre I " ©   Virginie Gallois

“Le ciel peut (bien) attendre I ” © Virginie Gallois

"Palliyadi" © Kuzana Ogg

“Palliyadi” © Kuzana Ogg