This video makes me wish I could do more on a skateboard than injure myself. The profile of Patrick O’Dell, skate photographer and host of Vice’s Epicly Later’d, is part of Altamont’s video series entitled Cut From A Different Cloth. O’Dell, who just released the zine SKATEBOARD HIGH SCHOOL, is a charming character whose intimate photographic style brings his viewers along for the ride. We’re really digging this video and his photos and look forward to later installments of both.

“The dream was to be a skate photographer. Photography was how skateboarding was communicated, was in pictures and I just loved it.” -Patrick O’dell

Pat O'Dell 2

Pat O'Dell

“The Cut From A Different Cloth series speaks to the raw energy of Altamont’s eclectic roots. The history of Altamont strewn through music, art, design, and skateboarding comes to life as the personalities behind the brand tell the story of what is Altamont; inspiring in yough the boldness in each, and to achieving one’s own unlimited potential.”

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Here are some images from O’Dell’s porfolio. Courtesy of the artist.


Patrick O'dell6

Patrick O'dell5

Patrick O'dell4