It is said that portraiture is a study of the human condition, and that a portrait can reveal more about the photographer than the subject. In this vein, Brooklyn photographer Elizabeth Waugh is shooting a series of 100 portraits called NEW GOD: Archetypes in a Wasteland, for a forthcoming book. Waugh, who has shot for Elie Tahari, GILT, and Nicholas Varney, defines this project as a project “of Brooklyn,” and one that flirts with the boundaries of her spirituality.

NEW GOD: Archetypes in a Wasteland
“God we lost you somewhere back, perhaps before we were even born, because nobody remembers your face. And then we went to war, and then we all lost our money to thieves. So here we are in this wasteland, in this empty arid desert, looking for you, piecing your features together from the visions of artists and dreamers, young idle visionaries, champions of the future.”

Below are five shots from the upcoming release.