Mike Dargas is a Cologne, Germany-based oil painter known for hyperrealistic images on canvas. His work is extremely sexual, executed in flawless photorealism. Dargas began painting as a child, and he exhibited his work on the “Domplatte“ at Cologne Cathedral at age 11, and worked as a tattoo artist for 14 years.

“I would definitely call myself a perfectionist,” explains Dargas. “I hope to improve my skill with every single piece. It is like an addiction. The artistic process itself is very playful. Using honey for instance or other liquids on models can be really funny, you can´t control it. So the preparation for the paintings are kind of like an experiment. After the photo session I start painting in my studio for hours, days, or even weeks.”

Dargas has received acclaim from publications such as BOOOOOOOM, Ignant Magazine, and the Huffington Post, to name a few. To connect with him, over to his website http://www.mikedargas.com