Patricia Mera is a New York-based artist originally from Cusco, Peru, where she studied painting and drawing at La Escuela de Bellas Artes. Her work is heavily influenced by Dadaism and Surrealism with a touch of the psychedelic 1960’s. She’s exhibited in group shows in San Francisco, New York, Cusco and solo exhibitions in San Francisco, Cusco and Berlin.

Mera will be opening a solo show entitled SPECTRUM at Naming Gallery in Oakland, California next month. We spoke with her about what to expect.

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BEAUTIFUL SAVAGE: You were born in Peru and studied at the School of Arts in Cusco. During your formative years, what mentors or experiences left a lasting impression?

PATRICIA MERA: Almost every summer I enrolled in art classes at Escuela de Bellas Artes located in this amazing and huge colonial casona.  We would draw from life in this very large room all day, working non-stop from 8 am to 5 or 6 pm. This was immensely fun to me. I think being constantly exposed to art when I was young built a strong ground for my passion.

Does this upcoming show feature collage work, murals or animation?

Actually, all of the above. I am making a video that also includes collage animation. It’s an experimental work and I composed the music for it. I am also making a very colorful mural in the gallery, which is meant to complement the rest of the pieces. My work is usually built on layers, where I play with my own drawings or found images to create a mixed media painting or collage. This time I am introducing more pencil work in the pieces.

What questions are you tackling with your current work?

This show addresses the relationship between people, shapes, images and colors and how they can be placed together regardless of their opposite or similar nature.This interest comes from looking around and simply noticing how everything pulls from one thing to the other to be connected and coherent together. I like the idea of having a series of things that form a whole, no matter their differences, they exist on the same plane to complement each other.


One of your previous shows consisted of collages of women. Will this show have a similar element emphasis?

In my previous solo shows, I was very inspired by womanhood and beauty. I let my everyday life and surroundings influence my work and at that time I was surrounded by very great women I love and so my work reflected that inspiration. Now with my recent travel experiences, I am fascinated by the idea of showing how everything is somehow connected.

Visit Patricia’s website for more of her work and information on her upcoming show. SPECTRUM will be available for view at Naming Gallery June 14th – July 5th