Anyone who knows Adam Dare will understand what I mean when I say that his public persona parallels and in most cases transcends his artwork. In other words, Adam represents a dying breed of New York City artists who really live the life they personify through their work.

Dare is an intensely original, unpredictable and endlessly passionate artist who pushes his craft and his body to the edge, and then reels back just before they fall off.

Dare’s street art lends us a spiritual pep talk that breathes lightness and love into our city’s streets. It encourages hope and positivity, and it gives us something really beautiful to look at. His canvases and prints pit luminous colors, razor sharp line work and playful subject matters against grit, edge, and cultural angsts that speak to the pulse of his city.

I had heard stories about Adam before meeting him in person. I wont recount them on a public platform but they were enough to make me tread lightly when meeting him for the first time. Over the years I’ve learned that hanging with Adam is like playing with a friends pet snake; it’s domesticated and looks cool as fuck but it just might bite your arm if it wants to. If you know Adam you know what I’m saying. whether you want to admit it or not is your business.

Adam is an important and influential NYC artist, and is in many ways a legend in the making. If you live in the city or Brooklyn or have have Facebook or eyes that work, chances are you’ve already seen his work. I’m stoked to help present a brand new body of paintings from the series, ‘Perpetual Chase.’

Love is Love, by Adam Dare

Love is Love, by Adam Dare

Daine Coppola: Adam, great to see you, man. Thank you for taking some time out for us.

Adam Dare: Whatup D? Nice to see you too, thanks for having me.

DC: You’ve had a busy winter – several new murals and street pieces, and a few big shows with some new canvases. Which would you say best defines you, street art or fine art?

AD: Urban Contemporary Fine Street Art.

DC: Did you coin that one?

AD: I did. That’s an Adamism not an Adamwasm.

Adam Dare by Chello Cruz

Adam Dare by Chello Cruz

DC: Haha… Is it hard for you to toggle between street art and fine art?

AD: Is it hard? It’s like switching seats on the Titanic – it’s all going down!

DC: Tell us about your new series “Perpetual Chase” and how you arrived there.

AD: The series is a direct depiction of my life experiences, as in, I would chase things that I thought would make me happy – only to be let down, only to find that happiness is an inside job. Hopefully we all figure that out before it’s too late.

The Perpetual Chase - (2016)

The Perpetual Chase – (2016)

DC: Indeed. Knowing you personally I can vouche that you’ve remained fiercely productive through the throws of intense physical pain over the past few years. How has the pain influenced your work?

AD: The pain motivated me to push beyond my limits and to search for those truths of me.

DC: So do you think it’s necessary for an artist to suffer during the creative process?

AD: Absolutely. Pain is part of the process.

DC: Universally?

AD: Everything I speak about is what my own experience is. It’s all about your own experience.

Fuck Your Phone - Keep Your Head Up (2016)

Fuck Your Phone – Keep Your Head Up (2016)

DC: How would you describe your responsibility as an artist in today’s culture.

AD: My responsibility as an artist is to love more. It’s all about loving more. I do my best as a diverse artist, who’s active in many scenes, to document my life experiences through my art. My work and the subject matter within it represents my life as I live it. The joys and the pains, the ups and the downs, the yins and the yangs.

DC: That’s my favorite part of your work. Being able to see you very clearly within each of your works whether on canvas, bricks or sidewalk. Where do you go from here, Adam?

AD: I go from here to the moon! Infinite potential.

DC: I always admire your style. Give us three tips you’ve picked up over the years.

AD: Go with your gut. See the futhure. Be in the moment.

DC: Right on. Words of wisdom from the Bunnyman himself. You can catch Adam’s brand new series of work this Friday the 13th from 6 -10pm at Beautiful Savage Studio. 41 Varick Avenue, Bushwick, buzzer 211.

Adam Dare and Daine Coppola

Adam Dare and Daine Coppola by Chello Cruz

Adam Dare for Bernie

Adam Dare for Bernie

INTERVIEW – Street Artist Adam Dare – Images Courtesy