Dubbed “Professional Spraycationers,” globetrotting street artists Sheryo and The Yok travel the world painting fun and wonky characters inspired by the cities they visit. Always armed with a sketchbook, the duo’s sights and experience serve as a visual diary of their trips. Originally from Perth, The Yok met Sheryo in her native country of Singapore, when he accidentally took too much Valium and missed his flight. The two instantly clicked because of their similar styles and have been collaborating ever since.

You can see more of their work at www.yokandsheryo.com



“I guess it started when we just met,” said The Yok. “I was doing a drawing and I was getting bored with it so I gave it to her and she finished it up. And then we kind of started this game “You start, I finish” and it just grew on from there, in a really organic way.”

Their aesthetic is bizarre, tropical, and humorous, blurring the line between frightening and comical.

The Yok:  We think it’s fun to take a character, say like Satan, and then see what he would do when he’s on holiday. So it’s like Satan at the beach.


Sheryo:  Pretty much our work is like really us in real life. We like jokes and don’t take ourselves too seriously.

Sheryo and The Yok’s favorite way of sharing their art is in the streets. They find it fun and thrive off the energy of quickly putting a piece up. On the street, they are able to reach a broader audience.

The Yok: Bob the electrician who doesn’t know shit about art, will pass a piece on the street and will be like ‘A pizza with 20 eyeballs, I love it!’ He wouldn’t go to a gallery or to my instagram.

In the studio with Sheryo and The Yok

In the studio with Sheryo and The Yok

The duo has traveled to many countries, painting walls in China, Australia, Cambodia, and Indonesia just to name a few. Currently based in Brooklyn, New York, they make the promise to themselves to never stay in one place for too long.



Street Artists Sheryo and The Yok – Images courtesy