cecilia salama

Cecilia Salama is a New York City-based artist and designer creating haunting, angular compositions empowered by the subtle use of light and tactile materials. Her sculptural approach to painting infuses different mediums as a way to carve out a solid form, while seducing the eye into a calming sense of movement and freedom.

Born in London, Salama is an honors graduate of the visual arts program at Brown University, where she was awarded the Roberta Joslin Award for Excellence in Art, and the Julie Soane ’93 Award. She also built the set of the Merce Cunningham Residency at Brown University, and has had
three solo shows at the List Center of Visual Art in Providence, Rhode Island, and has displayed her work at the Cohen Gallery.


“I explore subjectivity through the absence of the figure. I am fascinated by the human
form, yet bodily references serve more as artifacts of the ephemeral human presence
within the works. I tend to use human hair and skin-like materials, as well as sections
of cast body parts. ”