Sergei Maximishin’s photographs remind me what it was like to be a child and open a National Geographic. Since first being stationed in Cuba as a Russian Army photographer in 1985, Maximishin has gone on to travel the globe with his camera, shooting for the likes of Newsweek, The Wall SteetJournal, and Business Week, to name a few. While working as a staff photographer for the “Izvestia” newspaper in Russia from 1999-2003 he won several awards, including first place in the Russian Press Photo Contest, and a World Press Photo award.

Maximishin’s gritty realism and lack of pretense appears effortless. After 25 years behind the lens, his mastery of composition and intimacy with subjects is both inspiring and transporting. When viewing his work, one feels one is no longer staring at a photograph, but standing in the room alongside the process.

Here is a sampling from Maximishin’s work from his New Projects, and the Russian Tea Room Gallery