If artists spend too much time trying to change the world with art, and too little actually working, then sculptor and mixed media artist Jordan Sullivan is an exception to the rule. The Texas native, now living in New York, composed Roadsongs — a series of landscape photographs on display at CLIC Gallery — while touring New Mexico and the Southwest with his band. It’s pretty rockstar to make a gallery show out of a band tour, but it wouldn’t happen if the artist didn’t have such a keen sense of the American landscape.

Sullivan’s compositions capture the dusty heat and wretched, beautiful landcape of the desert in fine form. The sky is huge, and the temperature seems about to reach a hundred degrees in the shade. As you drive, the road dissolves into waves of heat, and tarantualas, the only creatures seemingly stoked on such weather, dart and sputter across the road ahead. Sunsets are both lazy and orgasmic. Sullivan has captured the physical and spiritual essence of the southwest here, and as a result, I feel transported back ten years to my own little house in the desert.

Sullivan opens his first solo show at Underline Gallery on May 17. The show is a two-part installation exploring the nature, force, and rituals of memory through two narratives separated by seventy years. His show deals with themes of Americana and remembrance via photography, prose, and found sculpture. Keep an eye out.