Reverse Art Space opened their very first exhibition this week, inviting thirteen artists, curated by Conosco, to transform the gallery with variety of mediums. The space, a multi-disciplinary workspace and gallery, prides itself on devotion to experimental forms of expression. As owner Andrea Wolf explains:

“Our space is very organic. Reverse Art Gallery is a place where young curators will have an opportunity to take risks that wouldn’t be accepted in more conservative galleries.”

The Conosco group exhibit, on display through May 20, includes a few standout works by photographers Chad Moore and Lukasz Lyszak, sculptor Jade Yumang, and a lovely stippled print by Armando Veve, entitled Harlem Spring (above). Everything considered, this is a strong first showing by a new up and coming gallery — particularly considering the Veve print and Mutual Caress II, by Yumang.