New York based curatorial collaborative AD Projects hosted a group exhibition entitled Spectrum Vision this Sunday at Reverse Art Space in Williamsburg. Notable standouts of the show were artists Alex Yudzon, Jeffrey Beebe, and artist & sculptor Alex Arcadia.

Yudzon’s Atlas Cloud series, mixed media over pages of a 1937 atlas uses lines of demarcation as composition and detail, exploring boundaries of nations and the relevance of symbols that divide form and distance.

“I am incredibly inspired by the concept of travel,” Said Yudzon. “Some of these pieces represent, in broad strokes, what the landscape might look like in the area the map represents, allowing the viewer to fill the finer details with their own imagination.”

Jeffrey Beebe shows a huge cast of characters in The Copper Palanquin, part of a larger series entitled “Adventures in Refractoria.” The characters are numerous and delicately conceived — residents of an imaginary world which parallels Beebe’s own history.

Alex Arcadia’s Supergymnast, the headless form of a sexy bare-breasted female, sits on a pedestal, surrounded by relics of Arcadia’s particular style of dystopian branding.

These artists, along with video artist Jacolby Satterwhite, installation artist Allison Berkoy, video by Ryan Brennan, and large-scale fabric installation by Amanda Browder will be on display at Reverse at 28 Frost street in Williamsburg until June 30.

All images courtesy of AD Projects and the artists. For further information regarding the exhibition, contact