Tonight, don’t miss the opening of Lorem IPsum curated by Kara Brooks in collaboration with Brooklyn Collage Collective (BCC), at Schema Projects. Lorum Ipsum is an exclusive group exhibition featuring select BCC artists.

“Just this year I’ve fully embarked on my curatorial career,” said Brooks, who previously worked as a gallery manager at Fuchs Projects gallery. “I’m always attuned to finding new artists to add to my repertoire. A good friend of mine is the co-founder of the Brooklyn Collage Collective (BCC) and she approached me to do a collaboration, which brought me into collage, a new medium for me. Collage is still seen as an outsider art form, and I’m happy to help bring recognition to it.”

Miguel Libarnes "Impossible Shapes No.2"

Miguel Libarnes “Impossible Shapes No.2”

“Though my aesthetic typically leans to the dark side, the works I’ve selected for “Lorem ipsum” still retain that sensibility, despite the brighter color scheme. I selected the works strictly based on what spoke to me, as to transform the gallery (Schema Projects) into an environment to my liking.”

Richard Vergez "Eye Scream"

Richard Vergez “Eye Scream”

Lorem ipsum refers to the ubiquitous filler used in publishing and graphic design as a placeholder for other content. Once belonging to a larger text by Cicero, this meaningless string of Latin words is now iconic and recognizable in its own right. Decontextualized, cut-up and re-appropriated, the phenomenon of “Lorem ipsum” is analogous to the strategies and elements of collage utilized by the thirteen artists in this show.

Exhibiting artists include:
Lizzie Gill, Claire Lachow, Morgan Lappin, Jon Legere, Miguel Libarnes, Kieran Madden, Elise Margolis, Jay Riggio, Jacqueline Silberbush & Richard Vergez.

“Lorem Ipsum” at Schema Projects
RSVP via this link:
ADDRESS: 92 St Nicholas Ave
Brooklyn NY 11237

Keiran Madden "If I Die Before I Wake"

Keiran Madden “If I Die Before I Wake”

Jay Riggio "All The Things You Love, All At Once."

Jay Riggio “All The Things You Love, All At Once.”

Claire Lachow "InHabit No.30"

Claire Lachow “InHabit No.30”

Jen Legere "Church Wings"

Jen Legere “Church Wings”

Lizzie Gill "Nesting Syndrome"

Lizzie Gill “Nesting Syndrome”