Ilaria Facci is one of my Facebook friends. I’m pretty sure she’s Italian, raised in Argentina. I don’t remember how we became friends, because I’ve got like 1200 who are mostly photographers, stylists, and people who make stuff pretty, and other than my mom (who is quite active on FB, thanks), kids from my hoods in New York City, and some long-lost highschool classmates, I really have never met like 90 percent of these randos. Ilaria is one of the latter. But, but unlike the rest of my friends, Ilaria doesn’t post about her weird lonely Tinder interactions or her pets. Every single thing she posts is awesome. So I messaged her and was basically like “Send me whatever you have, I fucking want it!”


After doing a bit of research (stalking), I came to find out that Facci used to be a stylist, but dropped out of fashion (good choice). Her photography has been published in Vogue Italy, and she’s been interviewed by a bunch of magazines across the pond about her work—comprised mostly of erotic self-portraiture aimed at coming to terms with her own body, and accepting herself as a gay woman in the modern world. I mean, I can’t personally identify with that, but something about her work speaks to the pain and longing of the human experience in a way that I find both beautiful and sensitive.

Anyways, if you want to know more about her, here’s an interview she recently did with an Italian magazine “Eros Without Frills.” Please have a look. I hope you enjoy.





“MEA CULPA” (2015) – All images courtesy of Ilaria Facci