Navid Nuur at work.

Navid Nuur at work.

The work of Iranian-born, Netherlands-based artist, Navid Nuur, will transport you. Where exactly you’re going may be difficult to decipher, but it will most definitely be an experience.

Nuur assigns unaccustomed meaning to our associations with everyday materials. The artist penetrates the essence of an object and transforms its assumed nature through performative manipulations. Our reactions are not just visually stimulated, but often physically provoked as we explore the gravity of the alteration’s impact upon our reciprocal relationship with both the object and the environment.

“It’s in Nuur’s nature to activate material objects (natural and synthetic)—to bring them to life, as it were—and he subsequently allows the traces of that process to become part of his artistic gesture,” says Xander Karksens in his essay Magic Water: On the Instinctive Logic of Navid Nuur. “This aspect of his artistic practice can be explained by referring to the tradition of magic, in which a new reality is brought to life through the agency of a seemingly spontaneous material transformation. Here, the artist acts as the re-enchanter of a disenchanted world—a world that science and technology have made increasingly artificial, but nevertheless still proves to have a soul beyond its reflective surface. A soul that is multicoloured and sublime, mercurial and intangible.”


Navid Nuur’s work is currently included in the group exhibition, Mind Is Outer Space, at Casey Kaplan. Exhibition runs June 27 – August 2, 2013. Take a trip!


All photos courtesy of the artist. Visit the artist’s website ( for more information and images of his work.

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