Is imitation the highest form of flattery, or is it absolutely unavoidable? Pachi Santiago, a Madrid-based artist and photographer begs this question with his latest series Copying Claudia, and Copying Kurt, respectively, where he eschews his own identity to covet the role of two of the most beautiful and iconic celebrities of our generation: Claudia Schiffer and Kurt Cobain.

“I stand by him, play his role, copy his poses and even take a “fake selfie” with the iconic grunge star,” said Santiago “Copying Kurt is a visual game aimed to raise questions about idols … This work is not only about celebrating Kurt Cobain’s life. It’s about taking into account his legacy and putting in place that everyone is unique though we are all made of others. Striking a pose as Kurt Cobain, or stepping into his shoes, is essentially an artifice. The only real thing is he was inimitable. Copying Kurt is set up by more than 50 self-portraits. Printing patterns, collages, staples and even an old notebook can be seen in this project made to be first shown online, as I usually do.”

Here are a few images from both series, but to get more in depth or to connect with Pachi Santiago, head over to his blog. You may also follow him on Twitter @PachiSantiago

Copying Claudia 01 - Original by Karl Lagerfeld - Pachi Santiago

Copying Claudia 05 - Original by Dominique Isserman - Pachi Santiago

Copying Kurt Cobain 01- Pachi Santiago

Copying Kurt Cobain 014- Pachi Santiago

Copying Kurt Cobain 08- Pachi Santiago

Copying Kurt Cobain 011- Pachi Santiago

Copying Kurt Cobain 04- Pachi Santiago

Copying Kurt Cobain 016- Pachi Santiago

Copying Claudia 03 - Original Vorn Magazine - Pachi Santiago

Copying Claudia 06 - Original by Carter Smith - Pachi Santiago

Copying Kurt Cobain 02- Pachi Santiago