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“Two Souls” by Luke Woodford and Mandy Arnold

by /April 11, 2016

A true love story in art

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Alex Barry at Lorimoto Gallery

by /April 7, 2016

"My work's main themes are inferiority, disconnection, and isolation..."

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“Bloom” by Elisa Ritter

by /April 4, 2016

A beauty series about the connection between humans and the elements

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“New Vintage” by Elizabeth Waterman

by /March 29, 2016

GRUIN is opening Waterman's new series tonight at the old Limelight church.

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Profile: Painter and Illustrator Rafał Olbiński

by /March 24, 2016

The Prince of Surrealism Takes a Poetic Approach

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The Impossibly Realistic Paintings of Mike Dargas

by /March 15, 2016

Mike Dargas' work challenges us to take a deeper look, to understand the nature of human beings, and to question our own emotional perception

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“Petal Portraits” by Tal Shpantzer

by /March 14, 2016

The New York City-based photographer opened a show at Dumbo's First Thursday series of art walk

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Sand And Light Sculptures by Laddie John Dill

by /March 12, 2016

Artist Laddie John Dill was a central figure in the California "Light and Space" Movement.

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Ghost / Laura Weyl with Julia Sinelnikova

by /February 25, 2016

A nude art series shot in the gorgeous urban decay of Red Hook, Brooklyn

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The impossible beauty of artist Radka Salcmannova

by /February 24, 2016

Deep Is Never Enough

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Divine Paintings by Anna Taut

by /February 19, 2016

ANNA TAUT was born in 1984 in Warsaw, Poland. She studied painting at the Academy of...

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