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Blank Canvas – Andrew Schoultz mural in Los Angeles

by /February 16, 2016

Andrew Shoultz is a muralist and painter represented by Hosfelt Gallery in San Francisco, and V1...

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Lovers and Other Photos — laura Makabresku

by /February 14, 2016

"These forms of art ... They give a voice to emotions and fears, which would otherwise, eat me from inside."

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NightWatch – Victor & Rolf

by /February 4, 2016

Valentijn de Hingh plays a nightly intruder to the Rijksmuseum, obsessed with “The Threatened Swan,” a masterpiece by Jan Asselijn

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Yugoslavian Brutalist Architecture

by /January 31, 2016

European war monuments look like artifacts from an ancient alien empire

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INTERVIEW: Model and Artist Caspar Petéus

by /January 25, 2016

We hang with the Gothenburg-born artist and painter in New York City

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Vibrant Portraiture by Artist Erik Jones

by /January 24, 2016

Jones is preparing a solo exhibition at Jonathan Levine Gallery in Chelsea

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The Terrifying and Beautiful Work of Kate MccGwire

by /January 20, 2016

Artist Kate MccGwire does glorious things with feathers

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Naro Pinosa Discusses His Offensive and Beautiful Collage

by /January 18, 2016

Pinosa's Collage is Beautiful and Disturbing. He Conjures Imagery by Sourcing Gay Porn, Fashion Photography, and Religious Iconography

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Roger Weiss “Human Dilations”

by /January 16, 2016

This exquisitely weird series studies the hypocrisy of beauty.

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Portraits by Photographer Jake Raynor

by /January 14, 2016

Jake Raynor is a New York City-based photographer working in Fashion and Fine-art nude portraiture

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“Halcyon Daze” by Charlie Roberts at Richard Heller Gallery

by /January 10, 2016

Charlie Roberts opened a solo show in Los Angeles this past Friday. And it's gorgeous.

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