Art & Design

Interview: Headpiece Designer Gloria Yu

by /January 7, 2016

Jet-setting between Hong Kong and New York, Designer Gloria Yu's headpieces occupy a space between sculpture and sartorial.

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Sculptor Scott Hove Makes The Sexiest Cakes Imaginable

by /January 4, 2016

Hove's sculpture is both sweet and dangerous

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“No End In Sight” by Brian Gonzalez

by /December 26, 2015

A film/performative collaboration featuring Autumn Kioti, Akil Apollo Davis, and Dizmology

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Degenerate Generation

by /December 24, 2015

Exploring Ziggy Black's isolating world of addiction, mental illness and 'Hoodpunk'

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We Love Jesse Draxler’s Luxuriously Dark, Chromatic Images

by /December 22, 2015

Draxler opens a solo exhibition at Booth Gallery in New York City, January 9

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INTERVIEW: Illustrator Alana Dee Haynes

by /December 11, 2015

"Everything has multiple layers. My work is just me, bringing out the layer that I see."

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Interview: Artist Sabine Banovic

by /December 10, 2015

The german painter creates haunting works reminiscent of the brush paintings of the Far East

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Interview: Artist Bo Chapli

by /November 27, 2015

This young, irreverent artist is poised to seduce the art world

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Interview: artist Jack Coulter

by /November 20, 2015

The Irish artists discusses living and working with Synesthesia — a rare cognitive and sensory condition

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“She is power” by Ayla El-Moussa

by /November 16, 2015

An incredible art editorial shot at the Tate in London

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“Sensation“ by Kimberly and Wendy Willming

by /November 13, 2015

What if Androids could download human emotions the way we install an app?

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