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Interview: LA Artist Michael Nesbit Returns With SWIPE

by /November 11, 2015

Michael Nesbit discusses his new exhibition opening in LA on November 14

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“Amalgamation” by Kris Kuksi at Joshua Liner Gallery

by /November 10, 2015

The fantastical realism of Kris Kuksi is on display through this Saturday, November 14 in NYC

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Interview: Illustrator Ritchelly Oliveira

by /November 9, 2015

The Brazilian artist discusses his recent illustrations

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PROFILE: Artist Kader Attia

by /November 1, 2015

This Paris-based artist uses mirrors and found objects to create haunting installations

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Cara Thayer and Louie Van Patton : “PASSION”

by /October 4, 2015

Creating stunning images together that evoke tension and the frailty of human relationships

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Love Note Day

by /September 30, 2015

A celebration of affection, of passion, and of the written word.

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“Noiseless” by Salvo Bombara

by /September 28, 2015

The Italian photographer's underwater images arouse a state of peaceful surrender

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Stunning Nude Contours by Photographer Chong Chen

by /September 23, 2015

This Wenzhou-born photographer says that his works "hold many questions concerning human existence"

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“Naturally” By Bertil Nilsson

by /September 22, 2015

Exploring the natural world and our place within it

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“The Air is An Absence Held” by Jenni Crain

by /September 16, 2015

Crain's latest work is on display at Ray Smith Studio, at 261 Bond Street, Brooklyn , and is available for viewing through September 20th.

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Interview: Mark Kostabi

by /August 26, 2015

Pop-Surrealist artist Mark Kostabi talks art and controversy.

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