Art & Design

“Sur le fil” by Laurie Basset

by /August 6, 2015

Visual Artist Laurie Basset explores surrealist collage through contemporary dance

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“What’s Your Tale, Nightingale…” by Marijke Boye

by /July 30, 2015

Designer Marijke Boye brings a classic story alive through ornate textiles and the search for womanhood.

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Suburban New York Captured by Jordan P.H. Stein

by /July 29, 2015

Photographer Jordan P.H. Stein photographs suburbia as space in transition

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“Inna B-g” by Daniel Anton Photography

by /July 24, 2015

A minimal, sensual photo series featuring Inna B-g

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INTERVIEW: “Icons” portrait series by Rafael Fuchs

by /July 16, 2015

18 Iconic celebrity Polaroids taken between 1997 and 2004 are now for auction on ARTNET

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“Architectural Narratives” by Monique MileMrkr Marian

by /July 14, 2015

Marian celebrates deconstructed industrial-era ruins in these clean, beautiful images

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The Huge Beautiful Murals of NS/CB Street Art

by /July 13, 2015

Nicole Salgar and Chuck Berrett create enormous and beautiful murals all over the United States

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“Art Machine” by Sabrina Rynas

by /June 29, 2015

The art of manipulating texture and form

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“Switcheroo” by Hana Pesut

by /June 25, 2015

Quirky portraits of couples swapping clothes

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INTERVIEW: Photographer Micaela McLucas talks “Cirrus”

by /June 23, 2015

We hung out with McLucas at the opening for her solo exhibition "Cirrus" at Castor Gallery in the Lower East Side

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Studio Visit With Artist Paul Loughney

by /June 19, 2015

Beautiful Savage and Paul Loughney hung out in Brooklyn and talked bout a new series of work: "The Big Impossible"

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