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Interview: Architect William O’Brien Jr. on “Artifacts: Seven Objects”

by /June 10, 2015

Boston-based architect William O'Brien Jr. of WOJR and Collective–LOK discusses his exhibition, "Artifacts Seven Objects Since Rome."

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“TEMPEST” by Robbie Joseph Photography

by /June 8, 2015

A short film inspired by Sia, Nick Knight, and others, featuring Lorde's "Yellow Flicker Beat."

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“MEA CULPA” by Ilaria Facci

by /June 6, 2015

A stunning self-portraiture series aimed at coming to terms with one's sensuality and the human experience

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Gabriel Isak 'The Illumination In the Dark'

Profile: Gabriel Isak

by /May 30, 2015

The dark recesses of the mind, and the quiet reverie of dreams.

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Thanh Mai (Nu) and Laura Weyl, photographed by Casey Smith

“Torn” – A Photo Journey by Nu

by /May 28, 2015

Inside the maelstrom of Vietnamese artist Thanh Mai's latest exhibition

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Homage to A. Mc Queen, 2011

“Flora and Fauna” by Dietmar Busse

by /May 27, 2015

Drawing your dreams; the elegant and ethereal world of Dietmar Busse

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Interview: Erica Simone talks “Nue York”

by /May 22, 2015

Self Portraits of a Bare Urban Citizen

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The Madly Beautiful Works of Thomas Devaux

by /May 21, 2015

A T T R I T I O N [at.ʁi.sjɔ̃] 1. (Physique) A rubbing away or wearing down by friction.

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The Nutshell Series of Unexplained Deaths

by /May 20, 2015

"Seek only the facts - The truth, in a nutshell"

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The sexually provocative illustrations of Amy Lousia Wilde

by /May 13, 2015

Wilde's art touches themes on gender, sexual openness and feminist expression

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“Area” by Kailas

by /May 11, 2015

Photographer Kailas captures the essence of the nude female form in the great outdoors

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