Art & Design

Profile: Artist Charmaine Olivia

by /March 5, 2015

Lady Gaga chose self-taught Charmaine Olivia as one of the three Etsy artists to design the poster of her album

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Q/A with Eugenia Loli

by /March 1, 2015

Artist Eugenia Loli gets inspired by humans, and often, their stupidity.

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Q/A with Elena Kulikova

by /February 28, 2015

Photographer Elena Kulikova finds inspiration in poetry that makes her visualize something new

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Q/A with André Wee

by /February 26, 2015

André Wee finds inspiration in his travels between Singapore & Brooklyn

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Profile: Oil Painter Alexandra Rubinstein

by /February 26, 2015

An exploration into female sexuality and fantasy and pornography

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Profile: iPhoneographer Kevin Russ

by /February 24, 2015

Achingly beautiful photos by one of the first iPhoneographers

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Q/A with Artist Julian Farrar

by /February 23, 2015

In studio with the Stockholm-based multi-disciplinary artist.

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Profile: Multimedia Artist Brooke Borg

by /February 18, 2015

On curating modern love and attraction

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Profile: Artist Beth Hoeckel

by /February 12, 2015

A Baltimore-based artist inspired by independent zines.

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Profile: Painter Jay Miriam

by /February 11, 2015

Approaching adult themes with the eye of a child

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Profile: Photographer Marianna Rothen

by /February 6, 2015

The model-turned-photographer finds inspiration in the celebration of women, feminism and films from the ‘50s, ‘60s and ‘70s

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