Márton Perlaki is the kind of photographer that makes you swoon a little. His work is rife with edgy subjects and angular composition. Originally from Budapest, Hungary, Perlaki came to photography in his teens. He wanted to study drawing, but the art department of his high school was taken over by the church. The drawing courses were scrapped, so he majored in religion. When a girl in class suggested that Perlaki pick up a camera, he listened, and the rest came pretty naturally.

Perlaki’s editorials have been featured in Wallpaper and Time Magazine, and he’s shot advertising images for brands such as Hermès, Furla, and Carven. After attending Bálint György Press Academy and Budapest University of Theater and Film Studies, he became the photo director of The Room Magazine, a Hungarian publication which he co-founded in 2004. The magazine is sleek and intelligently designed–as one might expect from a magazine co-founded by a photographer.


Informed by more than ten years’ work behind the lens, and stationed between Paris and New York City, Perlaki looks to photographic icons for quiet inspiration. “I have been fascinated by the quiet, austere visual world of the works of Harry Callahan and Richard Avedon. I usually prefer photographers who—instead of using eye-catching technical innovations – create fresh and lasting value merely with their refined way of looking at things and with their very attitude towards photography,” he said in an interview with Exposure Capture.

To connect with Marton Perlaki, head over to his official website: http://martonperlaki.com/
To check out The Room Magazine head over to http://www.theroom.hu/




Valerija by Marton Perlaki

Vanessa Axente by Marton Perlaki (Trash Noir - The Room #15 2012)







PHOTOGRAPHER: Márton Perlaki – All images courtesy of the photographer