Kader Attia is a French-Algerian artist and sculptor represented by Lehmann Maupin Gallery. Attia creates haunting physical installations using mirrors, tin foil, and found objects—sometimes metallic objects with which he uses to intrude upon pristine natural environments. This contrast aims to express our hubris dominating Earth’s natural landscape.

In Holy Land, the artist cut 45 mirrors cut into the shape of headstones and placed them along the dunes of the Canary islands, and along the pristine Tuscan countryside. Ghost is an installation of a group of Muslim women in prayer, evoking the visage of the human form as an empty shell, at once seductive and hollow, mysterious, yet haunting.

To connect with Kader Attia head over to his official site at http://kaderattia.de

"Holy Land" by Kader Attia

“Holy Land” by Kader Attia

"Ghost" - Kader Attia (2007)

“Ghost” – Kader Attia (2007)

"Holy Land" - Kader Attia

“Holy Land” – Kader Attia

"Universal Blueprint" by Kader Attia

“Universal Blueprint” by Kader Attia

"Ghosts" by Kader Attia

“Ghosts” by Kader Attia