Black painted hands appear from black nothingness to cover eyes; auburn hair is caught in an unseen breeze; smoke envelopes a man sat in quiet contemplation. There is something of magic in Gabriel Isak’s melancholic dreamscapes. Through his eyes the every day becomes more empyreal, more enchanting. Black birds arrive as lost spirits drifting into human form, or as familiars perched atop a sleeping brow. Fog rises endlessly, mysterious and inviting, as though the cracks between worlds are beginning to break.

Studying for his Bachelor of Fine Art degree in photography at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, Isak’s interest in psychology led to his poetic exploration of imagination, emotion, and the dark secrets of the mind through digital manipulation.
Suggestive, symbolic scenes tell of nightmares and dreams, fears and fantasies; born from horror film cinematography and the dark umbra of the forests. His portraits are always anonymous, the eyes closed or obscured as though the soul behind them has long since departed. Cold light against skin and wisps of hair flowing and ebbing seem ethereal and detached; a person as they might appear in a memory, or the moment before waking.

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Gabriel Isak 'The Battle'

‘The Battle’

Gabriel Isak 'The Illumination In the Dark'

‘The Illumination In the Dark’

Gabriel Isak 'Lost In the Fog'

‘Lost In the Fog’

'A Forest Tale'

‘A Forest Tale’

Gabriel Isak

Gabriel Isak

Gabriel Isak 'Peace of Mind'

‘Peace of Mind”

Gabriel Isak 'The White Storm'

‘The White Storm’

Gabriel Isak 'In The Dark Sea'

‘In The Dark Sea’

Images courtesy of Gabriel Isak