Multimedia artist Brooke Borg is a spirited redhead with a lot to say about modern love relationships, which tend to start and then hinge on constant contact with a glowing screen. “I think that this kind of communication, without the voice and without the face,” she explains, “produces co-dependence because you’re so lonely, and because you’re not really being yourself.” Then, when the texting and Snapchats do transition into a relationship, you “want to know what that person is doing or want to be with that person because you’ve spent so much of your courtship lonely.”

Influenced by her own relationships (“I got my heart broken and it was brutal”); travels (six years abroad in Barcelona); and background (Long Island native with “a Jewish education”), Borg has taken to drawing, sculpture, and electronic media to examine topics like love addiction and mutually destructive communication. Her most recent project, an ongoing series of “Fantasee Selfies,” repurposes personal sexts into large-scale, graphite works. “They’re flattering because you give yourself a boudoir session, but they’re very immediate. The angles are always weird. There’s enough identity to know that, ‘My body is unique and you want it’ but your identity is obscured.”

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“Fantasee 5,” 4’x5′, Graphite on paper (2014) by Brooke Borg


“Fantasee 4,” 4’x6′, Graphite on paper (2014) by Brooke Borg


“Fantasee 1,” 4’x5′, Graphite on paper (2014) by Brooke Borg


“Fantasee 2,” 4’x3′, Graphite on paper (2014) by Brooke Borg


“Fantasee 3,” 4’x6′, Graphite on paper (2014) by Brooke Borg

– All images courtesy of Multimedia Artist Brooke Borg