Jay Miriam’s paintings are like an enchanted mirror, reflecting the people and the emotions that she observes around her with a surreal bent. She paints from memory and imagination, and places a strong importance on the figures and their compositions. For the past three years, Jay has been living and working in Brooklyn together with artist Zev Rector. In that time, Jay says, she’s noticed her paintings change under the city’s influence.

“I was always the quiet one and, when you’re not talking, you have a lot of time to simply stare,” explains Jay. “You learn to notice all of the small details and memorize them for later use. I still paint and pull from pieces of things, like someone’s nostrils I notice in the subway or the hands of a cashier. But nowadays, I’m not as concerned with reality as I am with telling a story. A simple story for the common man—something we can all relate to. It’s nothing new or special, just something I like to do.”

To connect with Jay Miriam, head over to her official website: http://www.dzajg.com


“Best Friends Brushing Teeth,” 60 x 48 inches, Oil on Linen

"Aged Ballerina Contemplating Youth," 43 x 28 inches, Oil on Linen

“Aged Ballerina Contemplating Youth,” 43 x 28 inches, Oil on Linen

"Fresh Squeezed Sunrise," 72 x 48 inches, Oil on Linen

“Fresh Squeezed Sunrise,” 72 x 48 inches, Oil on Linen

"Reclining Nude," 48 x 31 inches, Oil on Linen

“Reclining Nude,” 48 x 31 inches, Oil on Linen


“Woman in Orange,” 37 x 58 inches, Oil on Linen


“Ballerina in Drag,” 27 x 25 inches, Oil on Linen


“Kissing Lovers,” 17 x 14 inches, Oil on Watercolor Paper


“A Delicate Bird Perched Upon,” 58 x 37 inches, Oil on Linen


“Woman in Blue,” 38 x 60 inches, Oil on Linen


“Let me spend the night, Darling,” 18 x 15 inches, Oil on Linen

– All images courtesy of Jay Miriam –