Marianna Rothen is a Canadian artist and photographer, currently living in New York City. She has a history of modeling, and she used to photograph her vast experiences on her many travels. “I’ve always done photography while I was modeling. Modeling was just an income but I no longer model. It was instinctive,” she said in a recent interview. “I always wanted to be a photographer. It’s exciting to discover what you want to do, rather than just knowing,”

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Rothen is now specializing in photography, having exhibited internationally in New York, Paris, Sydnes, Cologne and Istanbul. She finds her inspiration in the celebration of women, feminism, sensuality and films from the ‘50s, ‘60s and ‘70s. “To me a strong woman is not only strong, she is able to be feminine at the same time,” Rothen said to

Her photos create fragmented and romantic settings that are dominated by seductive subjects, wilderness and mystery. Don’t miss the exhibition “Pheromone Hotbox” at Stephen Kashner Gallery in New York, which showcases Rothen’s stunning work “Women of Canterbury” among other artists now in February.


To connect with Marianna Rothen, head on to her website


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