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Name: Natascha Narvaez

So, what’s your story?
Born in Denmark, the cold north. Being a very indescisive person, I’ve tried different paths towards my future. I’m now a nursing student.

When did you realize you had an interest for photography?
My father has always been very interested in photography and I remember when he told me about how he in the 70’s saved all his money, just to buy that very special Olympus camera. Throughout my childhood, I was fascinated about the idea of capturing moments of reality and saving them as different instants. Since then, I’ve always had an eye out for capture worthy colours, feelings or people in my daily life.

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How would you describe your style?
I don’t think I deliberately work within a style, but my photos do have a lot of “everyday-feeling” in them. I never set up my photos – they just happen.

Describe a real life situation that inspired you.
Studying nursing, I’ve met a lot of people with different stories. But the situation that stands out the most, is my meeting with a woman with schizophrenia, whom I visited for three months during my training. She invited my into her world of dark thoughts and alternative reality. I became more aware of myself and how I meet other people. I also have a different outlook on things now, because of her – especially in my photography. I don’t think I’ll ever forget her.


What do you like the most about photography?
I love how we are able to freeze instants! A look, a feeling or just a funny situation. It’s amazing how we can keep these memories with us.

Do you have other interests besides photography?
I do film a lot too. An interest that grew stronger when I made music videos for my boyfriend and his band. I also listen to a lot of music, which inspires me. Other than that, I’m a nerd who has a big interest in the human anatomy and diseases.

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What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?
Everything you choose to do, should in the end make you happy.

What is your goal for the future?
Finish my studies and become a nurse, of course. I can’t wait to meet various patients who’ll enrich my life.

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