Andrea Mary Marshall at Rox Gallery

Andrea Mary Marshall at Rox Gallery

ROX Gallery threw another party last Wednesday at 86 Delancey street in the Lower East Side to display new pieces by street artist legheadloves. This was part of their continuing pop installation, ROCK | THEM. The show has been a success since it opened, as ROX Gallery inherently understands that a scene—in this case, a gathering of incognito celebrities, models, photographers, and a few visitors from the upper east side—is probably just as interesting as the work. But the work is strong.

ROCK | THEM , the brainchild of the inimitable curator Laura O’Reilly feels like a sexually charged nod to the Reagan-era art party. Whether or not you think pop has been fully dug up and exposed, O’Reilly’s sensibility for the culture of cool kids, materialism, and bright objects has given ROX a strong presence in the LES gallery scene. Apparently, her modus operandi is to lure a crowd with the promise of something shiny, and then keep them with a solid show.


The lineup is almost too large to list, but includes pieces from Arman, Bijoux Altamirano, Amanda Charchian, CLR Therapy, Myla Dalbesio, Dee & Ricky, Jordan Doner, Mimosa Echard, Jesse Edwards, Walker Fee, Erik Foss, Charlotte Foyle, Mr. Gif, Jules Kim, Alex Markwith, Andrea Mary Marshall, Ryan Mcginley, Natacha Merritt, Mint & Serf, IliGili Non Nom, Clayton Patterson, John Platt, Jonathan Rosen, Bill Santen, Robert Schwan, Bogdan Stroe, Sam Trioli, Ventiko, Lina Viktor, Andy Warhol, Jay West, and Natalie White.


“this exhibition holds a mirror up to life in America by examining the weight we give to material items, how we use luxury as a weapon and beauty as a tool. Here, “ROCK” represents any material item that we use to make ourselves stand out, “THEM” being the receivers of our projected self image, those we strive to impress. The exhibition is a reaction to the global manufactured marketing of luxury goods, elitism and our cultural obsession to obtain things and gain status.”

Photographs by Renata Chebel:

Natalie White and Elizabeth Waugh at ROX Gallery in the Lower East Side

Natalie White and Elizabeth Waugh at ROX Gallery in the Lower East Side














Rock $ Them @Rox Gallery / Bogdan Stroe “Resurrection” from Nick Brazinsky on Vimeo.