24-year-old British artist, Amy Lousia Wilde, started to draw nature’s many creatures as a child. Today she has made herself and her inner exploration her subject matter, focusing on themes of gender, sexual openness, and feminist expression.

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You and I are in the woods. A deep forest of silence creatures and loud thoughts. The floor is alive and as you tread on all things unknown, you forget your body was ever away from this place. The pain of twigs cutting into your feet and thorns scratching at your skin satisfies the animal that creeps inside you. Let the goose pimples on your naked skin be your coat, your armor. You are hidden yet totally exposed. This is not comforting but you need to be here. I have to be here.

I am your body. Grab me, feel my soft skin, touch whenever you please. Let my legs wrap around your intent. Allow my sexuality to disgust and excite you. Bath in is power. Make not apologizes for where your mind goes.

I am a mirror. When you look in me, look hard for my faults, my imperfections. Look for the scars of my life and find pride in pointing them out. Make me a victim in any way that you see fit. Look at how silly I am. I’m a child that knows nothing. Look how easy I could brake.

I am your birthday cake. Blow out the candles and pass a slice to everyone one you love in the room. Keep the biggest slice to yourself. I am only sweet on your tongue. I am only filling in your stomach. I am only satisfaction to you when I’m smeared all round your mouth.

Now don’t misunderstand this – I could break you. But I can also show you love that can break you all the right ways. That is for you to explore with in me.

I only exist when I am yours. ~Amy Louisa Wilde



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