Living in Brooklyn, I don’t really pay much attention to the Hudson River, except for the times I’ve enjoyed a scenic train ride upstate and marveled at the beauty and wilderness I get to see on these momentary escapes. Thanks to Mogwai’s Facebook, I found out about The Hudson River Project, an upcoming feature film documentary to be scored by the post-rock legends. My interest was initially piqued since I’m a long-time Mogwai fan, and I loved their original score for Zidane, A 21st Century Portrait as well as their excellent collaboration with the Kronos Quartet and Clint Mansell for the soundtrack to The Fountain (one of my favorite films). After checking out the teaser trailer above and reading more about the project on the FAQ page, I wanted to share this on EBcult.

So what exactly is The Hudson River Project? To sum up, it’s adventurer James Bowthorpe‘s five-week journey from the top of the Hudson River to Manhattan in a man-made kayak that Bowthorpe will construct from found New York City trash. The Scottish cyclist (who broke the round-the-world cycling record in 2009) will tow the kayak by bike from Manhattan and up to Lake Placid then hike ten miles to Lake Tear of the Clouds, where his voyage downriver will begin. During this time, Bowthorpe will be filmed by photographer and filmmaker Antony Crook, who has worked with him on several projects, including a similar project on the Thames River in 2010. While the premise is simple, I think it will be absolutely beautiful to watch and hear.

According to the official website, the film will also ask the questions: “What is wilderness? Are cities and human life separate from nature? Why do we set up city and wilderness as opposites? Building a boat from a city’s waste is more than a recycling message – the boat becomes a physical link between the two apparent opposites and shows us a circular rather than linear story. We see over the limited horizon of the man in the boat, but he has guided us to the viewpoints.”

If you want to contribute to the film’s Kickstarter, some of the perks of pledging are a download of the film, a limited 12 inch of the original soundtrack signed by the band, and if you can afford it, a Hitchcock-style cameo for $5,000.

You can also check out some behind the scenes photos from Nowness’s Facebook album below.