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She, a model from South East England and he, a photographer from Sussex, Luke Woodford and Mandy Arnold are a married couple on collaborative photographic journey. “Two Souls” shows these artists’ life and relationship through the lens of Woodford’s camera. The couple started this project just over a year ago, and plan to continue it for their entire lives.

To see more of their work visit their website: Luke & Mandy



“Luke & Mandy are a married creative team. Luke is a photographer, Mandy is a model. Both successful in their own right, with Luke’s fashion work exhibited for Italian Vogue and widely published across the globe, and Mandy modelling for brands such as Adidas Originals, appearing in numerous big name music videos, and acting in a televised docu-drama. They have joined forces to create an irresistible visual journey, taking us with them on their travels around the world, viewed from Luke’s lens as he photographs his wife in what are sometimes extraordinary surroundings. From the white glaciers of Iceland to the warm plains of southern Africa – Luke and Mandy embrace their ever-changing surroundings and share their passion with the viewer. When their Sussex-based home and separate careers beckon, they continue the journey, unafraid even to use a blank wall as a background as Mandy’s exquisite beauty needs no frills. They create art out of their exuberance for life, their environment, and their love for each other. Each photograph leaves the viewer wanting more.”



Today this team travels throughout the world and capture special moments in their series. Though everything started truly simple, they both met just from living in the same town and knew each other from mutual friends. As they became a couple they started doing a few shoots here and there just for fun, and then one day the idea came of starting a series together! The goal for it is to become the longest running series to be done by a husband/wife team.




“Two Souls” by Luke Woodford and Mandy Arnold – all images courtesy