I stopped by the galleries at 56 Bogart street off the Morgan L train this week on a whim, and to my delight stumbled upon “Up, Close & Personal” at FUCHS PROJECTS. The show, curated by Ruben Natal-San Miguel, explores the relationship of artists to their own very personal creations—but not before offering the viewer a good dose of gritty Americana, voyeuristic pleasure and punk rock, all rolled into the guise a tidy 31-artist group show arranged for maximum narrative impact. This isn’t the first strong show I’ve seen at FUCHS PROJECTS. Particularly, I’m drawn to FUCHS’ mixture of sexy youth energy and sophisticated composition. It is Bushwick, after all, and the area is turgid with underground art cred. For an off-Chelsea brand FUCHS is pretty on point.

Hank Willis Thomas, "Black Power"

Hank Willis Thomas, “Black Power”

The show consists of 55 pieces, respectively, including conceptual work, sculpture and a large collection of photographs. Some of the standouts in the room include Ariana Page Russel’s “Index II,” a photograph entitled “Black Power” by Hank Williams Thomas, and one entitled “Aphrodite,” by Tyler Shields, and “My Parents Dancing,” by the gallerist Rafael Fuchs.

Here is a small sampling of the artists on display at FUCHS PROJECTS. For a complete listing of artists and works, head over to the gallery’s official website.

"Untitled,"  (Ultra Violet Beauties #147) by Cara Phillips

“Untitled,” (Ultra Violet Beauties #147) by Cara Phillips

Ruben Natal-San Miguel, "Not Over" 2013

Ruben Natal-San Miguel, “Not Over” 2013

"Aphrodite" by Tyler Sheilds

“Aphrodite” by Tyler Sheilds

"Index II," by Ariana Page Russel

“Index II,” by Ariana Page Russel

Dawoud Bey, "A Boy Eating A FoxyPop, Brooklyn, NY"

Dawoud Bey, “A Boy Eating A FoxyPop, Brooklyn, NY”

Rafael Fuchs, "My Parents Dancing"

Rafael Fuchs, “My Parents Dancing”

The exhibition is open through the end of the month until May 13th. To see the work, head over to their location at 56 Bogart Street, Brooklyn NY, or email them at fuchsprojects@gmail.com