Andrea Wolf is a curator of memories. The video artist and gallery owner revives lost moments with found footage, old super-8 film, by transforming it into sculptural installations. Her “Little Memories” project in 2011 attempted to bring fleeting memories back to the viewer — a long drive down a windy mountain road, a boy’s first gun, or some other corporeal frame of time — by creating artifacts of sculpture and film.

According to Wolf: “Time entails loss. As time passes, something is left behind, and there is mourning and a need to grasp what lingers. Images create the illusion that present and past co-exist, so we collect portraits of everything we wish not wish to forget — and images become our memory.”

Wolf founded Reverse Art Space, a multidisciplinary workspace and gallery, to support experimental expression and feature emerging artists. They have a group exhibition Sunday, May 6, curated by Conosco. The show features thirteen emerging and international artists. The exhibition will be held at Reverse Art space on 28 Frost Street, Brooklyn and will run through May 20, 2012.

little memories making off and opening from andrea wolf yadlin on Vimeo.