The sphere is a universal form found in the most basic known elements. Electrons and protons, as well as more elaborate structures, like clouds of gas in space, eventually form spherical entities such as stars and our own earth. In fact, if you believe the universe exploded from a single point 14 billion years ago, spreading in all directions at the same time, then the universe itself is an unimaginably giant spherical structure. What form then, could be more intrinsic to our own nature, and the nature of the elements around us, than the sphere?

This amazing video was done by ION on

“This is a small animation a did as an exercise to experiment and explore all the graphical possibilities of representing the idea of the SPHERE, always thinking in searching Gestalt and form. Its all done in 3d, but i was more interested in the graphical interest, flatten the surfaces, and only two colors, why more.The most difficult was to achieve the transitions between the different type of representation of the sphere, the morphing and metamorphosing.”