My tale is about a little girl, Mona.

Every night before bedtime she reads the marvelous book ‘Het geheim van de keel van de nachtegaal’ (The nightingale and the secret of his voice) by Peter Verhelst.

The story is about the search of happiness that you can find in the little things of life.

This collection goes that little bit further. Mona goes into her dream to the secret garden of this book. It’s the most beautiful garden of the world, full of these amazing flowers and trees. A garden where the nightingale sings his most beautiful song.

In this perfect other world of scents and colors she starts the search for her older self. Together with the nightingale she starts her journey to spread her wings.









A Foreword from the Artist:

Not only in the concept was Mona, her daughter, of great importance, but also was very closely involved in shaping and creating the collection. Both in the clothing design and the textile design where she took over the place of the bird as a lifeline link to the project. Together we started to paint our fabrics. In this way we were able to create an almost literal visualization of the story. A painting of the garden, seen through Mona’s eyes.

This collection is both dynamic and romantic, and consists of many oriental influences. It puts an ethereal atmosphere where the childlike fantasy remains strong. It brings you into a story where birds and forest nymphs are still able to exist and fulfill their role, where they are able to pursue their search for happiness.