Aerobic Nightmare by Janicke Askevold
Directed and edited – Janicke Askevold
Starring – Kristina Tsirekidze, Asia Bugajska, Guy Amram, Matthieu Touboul, Julia Van Hagen, Alexis Helft
DOP – Jacques Girault
Styling – Julia Van Hagen
Makeup/hair – Monica Bibalou, Cecile Bobet
Color grading – Laurent Ripoll
Director’s assistant – Alexis Hellot
DOP’s assistant – Benoît Meignan

Styling credits – We are Leone, Aperlai, The Seafarer, EKAT, Yaz Bukey X Thierry Colson Bomber edited by Julia Van Hagen and Sahar Kadri, victoria grant

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“As a young Norwegian girl I was fascinated by the aerobic videos which served as part of the “American Dream.” I wanted to be one of these women, with their great energy and a perfect Jane Fonda bodies. That was the body ideal of the 80’s. Aerobic Nightmare explores, with some dark humor, the influence these videos had back then—the power of having perfect woman appearing right in your living room. The message: ‘work out and be healthy,’ is great, but not everyone is perfect. After working as a model for 15 years, I can tell you, even models have flaws. We are just great at hiding it. Today, social media overwhelms us with body ideals and instruction on how to look and how to live. A bit of perspective is now more important than ever.”