Since antiquity, flower symbolism has been a significant part of cultures around the world. Flowers originally were linked to ancient deities including Venus, Diana, Jupiter and Apollo. During the Renaissance nature was viewed as a reflection of the divine.

Flowers are, in truth, remarkably resilient. Their aggressive roots invade rough, inauspicious soil. They assert their bright growth on the rocky banks of highways and out of asphalt cracks. The simplest form of the flower with a radial shape is a natural mandala linking it symbolically with the wheel and eternal, cosmic movement around a mystic and orienting center.

The flowers hermaphroditic qualities suggest the joining of opposites in self. Visible above yet rooted below – bridging the manifestation of the unseen worlds.



page6page8Photographer: Ashley G Garner

Makeup Artist: Ashley G Garner

Model: Stanislav Chertenkov