“Anti-Human” eco-editorial by:
Designer – Fernando Cozendey
Photographer – Pol Kurucz @polkurucz

Anti-Human is a non-profit “eco-editorial” created by the Rio de Janeiro-based Kolor Art Collective and supported by a series of Brazilian celebrities, including Fe Paes Leme, Dani Calabresa, and Dudu Berthollini. The intent of the series is “a stylish punch in the face of the systematic exploitation and extermination of the animal world.”

An eponymous exhibition is scheduled for Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro in the spring of 2017.
More work: www.polkurucz.com




tortura ra zebrapreguica porco morcego lab indigena flamingo dentista cobra camaleao avestruz arara


“Anti-Human” eco-editorial by Pol Kurucz @polkurucz – all images courtesy