Katie Gallagher is aptly described by critics as the young Goth RISD designer, whose early work captured the attention of Daphne Guiness. Gallagher is the designer that evokes everything EBcult represents: the beautiful, the ethereal, the otherworldly, the mysterious, the search for the true essence of what is striking, the disturbing, the deranged, the misunderstood. Ms. Gallagher, at age 26, showed her seventh collection during New York’s Fashion Week in September, entitled Everything Forever, which included an assortment of looks that lightened up a bit from her previous themes such as Fall/Winter 2012’s Silent Soil, Spring/Summer 2012’s Red Red Blood or Fall/Winter 2011 Gris-Gris.

Gallagher is an inspiring artist with her tense eye makeup motifs, intricate cut outs and layering of textures, and the mood her pieces exude. She believes fashion as a “quick and elequoent” manner in which to convey “stories, personalities, moods, ideals, and attitudes,” rather than a means to look attractive. It is truly about unveiling the inner spirit, exhibiting it on the wearer’s exterior, manipulating design, with personal style as its own art form.

But the frail blonde is more than an artist, she is also a muse: a rare beauty in her own right. Adding to her unique niche, it is Gallagher’s age and physical attractiveness that bring her talent to another level of interest. She could get by on beauty alone, but this artist has something to show. Luckily for us, this something happens to be noteworthy. Oh, and we’re obsessed with her leggings.

The designer used lyrcra-wool, lambskin, and kangaroo leather in her Spring collection that covered a shadowy charcoal palate, a pounded clay, and a muted ivory, each color delicate in its pigmentation, but strong in crux.


Images courtesy of LOOKK.com & Style.com