Martijn Van Strien is a designer with a Jacobean aesthetic, who is slightly materials obsessed. A graduate of the Eindhoven Design Academy, Van Strien translates textures and materials into fine art. These pieces come from Strien’s recent projects Dystopian Brutalist Outerwear and Threads for Cockaigne, and exhibit a spectrum ranging from black, minimalist utilitarianism to light, monochrome and luxurious. The latter, crafted for mythical medieval nobility.


“I’ve always been very interested in new technologies, materials and science,” van Strien explains, “and I’m really focused on the technical side of materials and fashion. I’m constantly trying to find new ways of making materials, and I’m intrigued by the speed of fashion and trends – how things feel right at one point, and how a couple days later you can crave for something totally new, and how this is influenced by things like the economy and science.”

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