Guillaume Henry for Carven Menswear Spring Summer 2013 collection is a refreshing wearable offer for the young and young at heart.

It is no wonder that I am in love with it; it references youth, boy hood, and as the designer mentioned, Jon Jon. The image of a boy Jon Jon in his proper pea coat comes to mind and is quite literal reference when looking at the collection. The styling is easy. The color palette is kept fresh with hunter greens and mustard yellow, a warm yet masculine color story. Short shorts for the boys are done tastefully while paired with derbies and socks, making the preppy seem less so and more hip, as the edgy rocker has become the norm.

The clean cut children’s clothes for grown men invites a sense of nostalgia and playfulness that I am on board for. How many black draped things can one own? Never enough for some, but I invite the old newness and am refreshed by the wearable aspect of the clothes. Where other designers have fallen short, no pun intended, in their shrunken fitting suits, by thoughtful editing Henry has created a lovely wearable offer for the man who has become bored with the seriousness or out right ridiculous in men’s fashion.

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