Our aesthetic is developing here at Beautiful Savage. While we are still partial to the androgynous goth style or the girly punk, the New Year has brought a renewed appreciation for florals, building off Brood‘s incredible collection for Spring 2013.

And so our attention is turned to British fashion label Erdem, known to treat each piece as a canvass for matchless prints. The notably elegant line far exceeded our jaded expectations for women’s frock tailoring of London fashion with their Pre-Fall 2013 collection. Creative Director, Erdem Moralioğlu used the word “incorrectness” to describe the collection, consistently developing an underlying eeriness within his buttoned up woman.


Looks 11 and 12 with a sheer long sleeve overlay and a high necked, seemingly detachable fur collar along with look 15 and 16 with their mesh layering over leather crop-tops rank amongst our favorites, but each image (starring models Stephanie Hall and Steffi Soede) evokes deeper questioning into who this Erdem woman is. She is certainly not what we expected, and like her ensembles, she is texturely layered.

See the entire collection below:

Images courtesy of Style.com